Early Ford V8 Club                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           April 2021


The Newsletter




The Newsletter

We are still looking for a newsletter name.Every name I come up with, V8 views, Valve

Clatter, Rumble Sheet, have already been taken.We could use these names too, but I

would like to have something original.Think about Pittsburgh, something like Greater Pitt

Grumble Sheet (Les Kotouch), maybe something with “Yunz” in it.Look at the winning

newsletter names on pages 17-18 of the V8 Times for inspiration. Give me your ideas.


Have you sent in a picture of your car for the Virtual Car Show?   The deadline is May 1.

Let’s have good representation from GPRG#48.


President’s Message

Hi to all V8 Members!


Despite our latest snowfall, Spring should soon return.I will certainly welcome it back.I

have been doing minor repairs on a couple of cars and am getting ready for our road trip

tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 22nd. The plan is to

drive to Conneant Lake to look at the old park and have a

 picnic lunch (everyone bring their own – take out?).It will be

great to get together and drive the old cars.If not an old car,

please drive your modern car.


I am so sorry to say that we lost our long time member, Dr.

Jerry Kolavic to Covid 19.We will miss him and his colorful



The paperwork has been started to purchase a brick in memory of


Museum in Auburn, Indiana.


Our trip to the Allegheny Grill in Foxburg was a success.We had

great weather and wonderful accommodations.


So glad to see a light at the end of the tunnel with Covid.


Hope to see you on our road trip.   We will try to have a short

outdoor meeting at that time.


Keep smiling,

Dave Collette              collettesr@aol.com 724-368-8226 (H)    724-822-5815 (cell for text)


Their Still Out There – At Least In Parts

Chasing Flathead era pieces has become a pastime during the last year.    I search eBay,

 Craigslist, Facebook, Marketplace and even antique shops.










Upon his passing the dealer’s sons went to empty his home and


be a car guy and knew the parts had value so he moved them


he put everything away. He’s just now starting to pull the pieces

 out and Identify them for sale.    Fortunately,hisfatherkepthis

parts books so everything either has the original Ford tag or he


era items 1932-1953 and about 5 days later he had pulled down

what he had found.Everything tagged and packed.Elaina and I bought one load that day

and returned a week later after he had found some other pieces. We bought a second load.

So, I’m flush with Hershey merchandise already. The largest group of parts are door window

channels, 34 of them all tagged with part number and application. So keep digging

 because there is still stuff to be found!


Bill & Elaina Lindner


A Breakdown – A good Experience

Late last summer I sold my ’39 Pickup to a guy in New Zealand, story in the January

newsletter.I replaced the truck with a ’48 Super Deluxe Convertible, a very sharp looking

car.I found it near Columbus, Ohio.I purchased it from a small classic car dealership, but


that time it was in the same family and very well cared for.All that doesn’t mean there can’t

be problems.



and a nice lunch at the Allegheny Grill.Dave would have to fill you in on the success of the

lunch, we never made it.The ’48 slowly lost power as we headed up Perry Hwy (Route 19)

just past the Log Cabin Inn.We were able to pull off to the side of the road.We were not

able to get the car running again and had to call for a tow truck to get it home.   But this

where the story actually gets better.



luncheon. Dave knew a guy that lived near the Log Cabin Inn, Leroy Brenner, and he gave


me Leroy’s phone number.Leroy is a long time friend of Dave’s and used to be a club

member.I called Leroy and explained who I was and how I got his phone number.In a

matter of a few minutes after speaking to him he was there to help.We were able to

determine that the car was not getting any fuel, and the problem most likely was the failure

 of the electric fuel pump.I decided to call the insurance company and arrange for a tow

truck.Leroy actually apologized for not being able to do more and headed back home.It

would not be the last we saw of Leroy.


It turns out that waiting for the tow truck, which must have been coming to us by way of

Alaska, was an experience in human curiosity and kindness.   Several people honked or

gave a thumbs up as they drove by.One guy on a motorcycle went by and came back a

minute or two later, he stopped to get a better look at the car.   Two guys stopped to see if

we needed any help and wanted to get a close up look at the car.A photographer stopped

and wanted to know if he could take a couple of pictures.   Another friend of Dave’s, I think

he knows everybody in Western PA, stopped to ask if we needed help.He thought the car

might have been Dave’s ’48. I did not get his name.




a few minutes later with bottles of water. It took nearly three hours for the tow truck to

 show up.Because of COVID we were not allowed to ride with the driver and had to call a

neighbor to pick us up. All-in-all it was a nice experience, the kind that renews your faith in



Jan & Tom Franks


Newsletter Advertisements

I am still willing to include advertisements in the newsletter.Please note that the club would

not take any responsibility for the content of the ad.Also, that the final sale, price, delivery,

etc, will be strictly between the seller and the buyer.I also think that the ads should be

limited to items related to the nature of the club, like parts, tools and memorabilia.If you

want to place an ad, please sent it to me via Email, tjf192141@gmail.com.We will run the

ads on a trial basis.   There will not be any charge for running an ad at this time, but that

could change in the future. The ad will run one time.


GPRG #48 Officers and Support Personnel

President: Dave Collette                                        Vice President: Les Kotouch

Secretary: Nancy Collette                                     Treasurer:BobDudeck

Email News & Announcement Editor: Les Kotouch


Webmaster: Dale Wimer

Newsletter Editor: Tom Franks   tjf192141@gmail.com           724-504-0685 (cell)



The Phantom Rides Again   (Provided by Doug & Dianne Baxter)