Early Ford V8 Club January 2021


The Newsletter
I have discussed with Dave Collette the possibility of having a newsletter for the group. With all that is going on right now, and the fact that the group can not get together, I thought it might be good to get some information out using this format.
For this initial effort I have included a brief article about the sale of my 1939 pickup. This edition will also include a brief message from Dave, and some tips about snow and water removal from your flathead and daily driver. In the future I hope I can count on some input from all of you.

President’s Message
Greetings to all our members and friends. I want to thank Tom Franks for volunteering to do this newsletter. It has been a rough year for all of us. Let’s look on the bright side. The vaccines are coming and will be available to more and more folks soon. Maybe by spring we will all be vaccinated. Start planning car tours now. Email me your ideas and we will help you make them happen.

It isn’t too early to start looking over your cars for maintenance issues. It will be good to get the old flatheads on the road again.

Dave Collette      collettesr@aol.com      724-368-8226 (H)      724-822-5815 (cell for text)

The ’39 Pickup Rides the Waves
Last fall I decided to sell my 1939 1/2 ton pickup truck. I took advantage of the Early Ford V8 Club website for listing the truck. My first contact was via email with a guy that claimed he lived in Atlanta, GA. He was very interested in the truck, and he was willing to pay the asking price. He did not need any other information, pictures, etc. The only thing he needed was to send me a check for my price plus the shipping cost. He wanted me to send the shipping money to an address provide by him. I assume you recognize this scam.
The second contact was from a guy in New Zealand. The initial contact with Ray Fenton was by email, but he asked if he could call and discuss the truck. I provided Ray with a lot of information about the work done on the truck since I purchased it, with a lot more pictures and a video. It turned out that Ray is a regular visitor to the annual swap meet in Hersey and has a close friend in Harrisburg. Though his friend, Ray was able to wire the money for the purchase of the truck. After receiving the funds I transferred the title over to Ray and waited for the shipping company to contact me. I spoke to Ray recently and the truck arrived in New Zealand without any problems. Ray mentioned to me that he is also looking for another truck from a 1930 Model A Pickup to a 1940 Pickup. Let me know if you know of any available trucks.

Water And Snow Removal
I was recently watching a car show on the MotorTrend cable channel,
something of which Jan says I do too much. The host of Chasing Classic Cars, Wayne Carini, advertised a blower that could be used to remove water from a car after washing. The blower got the water off the car and out of all the tight places. I wanted one. Then, while in the garage, I realized that I had a leaf blower and it might work just as good as Wayne’s fancy blower. It turns out that it does work as well, and I have since found that it also works well for getting snow off my daily driver ( it sits outside because the truck was replaced by a ’48 Super Deluxe Convertible). It works well for blowing a light snowfall off the driveway and sidewalks, give it a try.

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